Strategic Services

Market Research

Knowledge is power. Know where you stand in the marketplace. BroadMax objectively gathers and presents the facts, along with strategic solutions. Take your strategic planning to the next level with our market research process.

BroadMax market research services:

  • SWOT - Gain a Better Understanding of Your Company and Competition
  • Customer Data - Demographics, Segmentation, Personas
  • Testimonials/Customer Reviews
  • Product Audit - Features, Functionality, Pricing,
  • Customer Service - Industry Benchmarks, Response Times, Reviews, Satisfaction index
  • Brand - Awareness, Perception, Relevancy, Marketing Effectiveness


BroadMax makes sure what separates you from the competition is clearly and consistently communicated. Our positioning process pinpoints what makes your value proposition unique. Then we show you how to reinforce those differentiators in marketing, communication and branding.

The BroadMax positioning process:

  • Positioning Workshop
  • Your Unique Differentiators
  • Messaging Strategy
  • Marketing Implementation
  • Brand Integration
  • Internal Messaging

Communication Strategy

Is your company entering the fiber broadband business or making another type of paradigm shift? BroadMax helps organizations undergoing any kind of operational change gain alignment with all their key stakeholders during this critical transition. We are skilled helping company leaders communicate change to employees and customers. They’ll have lots of questions. BroadMax makes sure you will have all the answers.

Services Include:

  • Communication strategy
  • Internal/External Audience Messaging
  • Communication Channel Implementation
  • Content planning
  • Event Planning
  • Marketing Collateral Design

Business Planning

BroadMax Group consults companies at all phases of broadband planning; from discovery to generating additional revenue from their existing network. Our years of industry experience will add valuable perspective to make informed decisions on your next steps. BroadMax Group provides professional research and planning to assist with your business case.

Business Planning Services:

  • Market Analysis
  • Product Review
  • Strategic Approach
  • Broadband Network Assessment
  • COVID-19 Communications and Product Development